Success Stories

The following are comments from students:

I want to thank you for having such an organized online class complete with the most thorough presentation of help for students I have ever seen. I cannot believe how much I have accomplished during my marathon of learning the last several days; every step of the way the online self-study clarified things really well and the additional lecture videos that you provided were amazing.

I really appreciate all you have done for us. I have never seen a patient instructor like you who explains every single peace of course clearly one by one that a person like me who just came to United States could understand everything. God bless you.

I can't believe how well you have this class set up.  Between the guided solutions and showing first hand how to do it on the TI83 (plus the audio lectures), I doubt I could learn better in a regular class.  Thanks again.

This math class was absolutely nothing like my old traditional boring math classes. I thought it was very interactive, exciting, modern and welcoming. Since I am a slow learner, I found it pleasuring that I was able to really work at my own pace. I appreciate all the effort you put into the videos, they were extremely helpful with exceptional quality.

I had a wonderful semester with your online course. Of course, it would have been great to have met you in person. But thank you for all the clear lectures, explaining every single problem. Thanks again.